Baltic Denture

Creating a Baltic Denture

Preparatory steps

To use the Total Prosthetics Module for the Baltic Denture System, basically two options are available:

  • The models and their relation to each other (bite registration or vestibular scan or aesthetic plate) are scanned and loaded into the software.
  • To get the relation between upper and lower jaw, also a bite registration must be scanned.
  • Ideally, a Manager software like Manager 360° or similar is used, that is able to provide full integration with the impression steps previously taken. If a base border is provided the “baltic short flow” can be taken that may save a lot of time for the technician when creating the denture.

Workflow variations

For Baltic Prostheses, the workflow may vary dependent on the provided input:

  • No models are provided on startup – loading a model is done within CAD
  • An all-in-one is provided
  • Functional impressions and a vestibular scan are provided for upper and lower jaw
  • Impression scans and a vestibular scan are provided for upper and lower jaw
  • A construction info file which provides information about the base border is loaded
  • Additional information located in the dental project (e.g. “uses milling”, “teethmaster selected”, overrides for default values in the sliders, …)
  • The scans have bad quality and must be repaired
  • The scans are not registered to each other
  • The user doesn’t have a valid license