Free Forming


The function of morphing is based on a bell-shaped curve (1) which has a height (4) and a diameter (5).

Morphing can be performed on all objects that are not blocked (e.g. teeth, etc.).
When dragging some material using the left mouse button a dark green area (3) is painted and moved. Morphing occurs in real time. After the mouse is released the object is refined and the area is colored red (2).
The mouse cursor moves with the landscape of the model so that the user feels how much morphing effect he can see when looking from the Z-direction towards the model.
When the object is morphed the periphery of the blanks to be used are taken into consideration (3). Morphing does not add more material than the blank is thick.
The same is true when removing material (9). All blocked elements can not be affected and enough material must remain to fulfill the specified criteria of minimum thickness.

2 parameters are available for morphing:
– Strength (4): the intensity/amount of change – it can be positive (lifting) or negative (lowering). For this parameter, a slider is available, which has its origin in the center and offers a corresponding range of values.
– Diameter (5): the size of the area that shall be changed.


Morphing can be applied to single points (i.e. causes a hill or a valley), on lines (bead) or on areas.

Smoothing (6)

Smoothing is a process of lowering spikes in the model. Like the morphing tool, a bell curve is used to smooth material.

You can specify the radius and the strength by selecting the appropriate values on the sliders in the wizard.

Currently smoothed areas are shown in dark green. After releasing the mouse, the areas are refined and colored red.

Same as for morphing: Blocked areas may not be smoothed at all.

Flattening (7)

Flattening is like smoothing, but in contrast to smoothing not only the spikes are lowered, but also the grooves are lifted. Therefore, the resulting baseline is higher than with smoothing.

Repair Surface (10)

There is an opportunity to re-mesh the models completely. This gives the user the chance to get a good mesh, even if he has to morph a lot.