Load Scans

There are 2 possibilities to load files:

  • Positives (2 jaws, 1 vestibular scan) (1)
  •  or all-in-one. Depending on what has been loaded the next steps may be shown (2).

The next button (3) is enabled as soon as one of the above criteria is fulfilled. If an all-in-one is loaded, the resulting models are always functional impressions (4).


The graphic shows two Plaster models (5) scans and an aesthetic plate (6).


If the resolution of the chosen models is too low, a warning is displayed.

The configuration file (file association, dental project, construction info) includes the information about the folder to be used and the models to be loaded as well as some meta information.
The files have the name YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss-upper jaw.STL, YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss-lower jaw.STL, YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss-aesthetic plate.stl and the construction info file named YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss_xxx.constructioninfo.
If the folder has not been specified or cannot be accessed by the app, you will be asked for it.



Should the project not have all details, the dental technician needs to import the models. In such a case, the software prompts for the models for example: explorer loads and the dental technician needs to supply an STL file. In the background, the software copies the files to the project folder after the model has been aligned and updates the project file respectively.
The files will be uploaded into the software, while the supported file format is STL. The application detects the dimensions of the scan (millimeters, centimeters, inches etc.) and converts the dimensions of the obtained model into millimeters.


A notification will appear if the files have to be registered.