We are proud to present you with the Baltic Denture System for the production of Full Dentures!

The innovative process of this system enables a new generation of Full Dentures in the digital workflow. The combination of new clinical and laboratory processes creates a workflow that offers the possibility to produce high-quality Full Dentures, Economically and Efficiently.

You save work steps, gain time and satisfied patients!



On the basis of the information determined by the dentist, the BDCreator®Plus is used to create patient-specific digital full dentures in several work steps. The handling of the BDCreator®Plus is easy to learn due to the logical and clear user interface. Since the software works with the standard .stl file format, it is easy to integrate into the existing dental workflow. The specific selection and automatic alignment of the set of teeth used are based on the information recorded by the dentist (occlusal plane and facial line) using the BDCreator® set in the clinic.

The individual adaptation of these parameters is possible at any time during construction.

The model analysis on the software side helps the user choose the appropriate tooth arch width. The visualization of the facial plane enables the design in relation to the statics and position of the teeth in the interalveolar space. After the tooth alignment process is complete, the digital dentures are generated through the software and are ready for export to a suitable CAM system.

In order to ensure the perfect function of the BDCreator®Plus, a standalone PC without any non-approved dental programs should be used. Non-approved dental programs can lead to conflicts and malfunctions for which Merz Dental GmbH assumes no liability.