Release Date: 19.10.2017


  • In the registration step the user have the possibility to load a second vestibular mesh.
  • In the registration step the user can align the second mesh and unite it to one mesh.
  • Show a message if the auto align with the BDKey is failed and the user has to set the orientation of the loaded mesh manually.
  • If a BDKey is selected and don´t make the model analysis, in the teethmaster selects as default the first teethmaster of the group which represent the selected BDKey.


  • Library error of Mn6 load was not the right mesh.
  • Unite of base with gum mesh was adjusted, so creates no holes in the prosthetic mesh.

List of known issues

  • If the computer gets to hibernate mode while the software is running, after recovery the background of the 3D view will be white.
    Workaround: No workaround, it is a known Microsoft issue, we are waiting for the fix from them.
  • If the software is displayed in a smaller window than the suggested resolution – full HD – some of the wizard headers can get out of the main window, and the wizard can not be placed to a different position.
    Workaround: Maximize the window of the application and use at least full HD resolution.
  • In the visualization base color is not correct (dark red) when moving in history back from a colliding teethmaster case to a base creation step.
    Workaround: Before moving back in history place the teethmaster to a non-colliding position. This visualization issue has no impact on the functionality.
  • Correction plane change from TIF to Gerber (and vice versa) is not reflected in the history.
    Workaround: There is no workaround. For the overall functionality it is not a problem, the end result is not affected.